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John M. and Annette Douthat, the passionate marital team behind our brand, have been in the sewing business since the mid-70s. Together, they have spent forty years cultivating AllBrands.com as their pride and joy, setting an example for competitors everywhere on how to properly offer superior customer service and unbeatable satisfaction. Still active within the company today, John is a regular at our weekly meetings, as vibrant and passionate as ever before. A walking encyclopedia of sewing machines and repairs, he can be regularly found bouncing ideas off of his tailor-picked staff through email, discussing business propositions with vendors and salesmen, and attending conventions.

Back in 1995, it was the suggestion of their pre-adolescent son, John F., which prompted the senior John M. to consider a website. At the time, the Internet was just pulling itself out of its infancy, long before the dot-com bubble burst of 2000. The World Wide Web was a new frontier, offering limitless potential to some, but nothing more than a gimmick to others. Regardless to say, John and Annette took their business online, becoming the first sewing and vacuum business on the Internet.

Since 1976, we have spent almost four decades focused on one thing above all others—unparalleled customer service. We chose our name for a pretty special reason—we continuously go out of our way to pay attention to your needs, and to that end we partner with all brands and vendors relevant to your interests. Our main rule of thumb is that we are here to serve you—our valued and beloved customers—and not the partners we choose to sponsor. To do this, we follow the trends set in sewing products, and we carefully choose the correct merchandise and vendors to fulfill your needs. Furthermore, we do our share to contribute back to our community, through philanthropic endeavors, donating machines, or various charity work—and now, we are a proud retail member of the Be the Difference Foundation, lending our support to fight Ovarian Cancer. – See more at: Allbrands.com

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