Renee Fleming at Baton Rouge Symphony’s Great Performers Concert


AllBrands owner John Douthat with LSU student Louis Ong and Renee Fleming after the concert. Louis, a baritone from Malaysia stays at the Douthat’s home while he completes his bachelors and masters degrees in vocal performance. John asked Renee if it is true that singing to a baby before it is born will imprint the song for later recognition. Renee said research in Germany shows that it does! John and Annette’s daughter Yvonne Hartinger teaches voice at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria and just had our first grandchild, so we’ll see. Yvonne’s husband Virgil Hartinger is a classical tenor who travels throughout Europe.

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Advocate staff photo by Pam Bordelon, Symphony Great Performers, At the pre-performance gala for the Baton Rouge Symphony’s Pennington Great Performers in Concert are sponsors, from left, John and Annette Douthat, AllBrands’ Scott and Leslie Berg, Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry; Julio and Debbie Dumas; Jack and Becky Harris, and Rena and Todd Ledet, Price LeBlanc Lexus.

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