AllBrands Donates to the Sewing Machine Project

Thanks to your business, we were able to donate another 25 Brother machines to The Sewing Machine Project! We have partnered with The Sewing Machine Project for many years now. Previously, we have donated over 100 machines to this nonprofit and are proud to announce we’ve just added 25 more to that number.

25 Brother RLX3817 sewing machines packaged and ready to go to The Sewing Machine Project

We are incredibly grateful that your business helps us participate in philanthropic efforts across the country. We can’t wait to donate more sewing machines and supplies to another charitable cause.

Margaret Jankowski, the founder of The Sewing Machine Project, sent us a letter after receiving our latest donation. Read it below:

Letter from Margaret Jankowski, founder of The Sewing Machine Project, to

Thank you again to Margaret Jankowski and The Sewing Machine Project for facilitating this! We look forward to continuing to grow this partnership.

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