Do-it-Yourself Pocket Tee

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Summer t-shirt season is upon us! Here’s a super cute tutorial for a monogrammed pocket tee! Whether it’s for you or a gift for a friend, these cute and comfy shirts are a summer essential!

What You Need:

  • a plain t-shirt
  • a fat quarter of fabric
  • thread
  • heat transfer vinyl
  • the design of your choice, printed in black & white.
    • (we suggest keeping it to 3″ x 3″)
  • Iron
  • Brother Scan-n-Cut 2
  • USB capable embroidery machine


Step by Step Instructions:

Preparing your design

    1. Printed to scale, place your design in the scanning mat. Scan.
    2. Select desired outline setting
    3. In the initial edit screen, crop out excess white space around your design. Save.
    4. Locate your saved design.
    5. Select the button in the top left.
    6. Select the button with the 3 red squares on it.
    7. Select the right button on the pop up screen. Select OK.
    8. Select the bottom middle button to complete grouping. Select OK.
    9. Select the top left button.
    10. Select the button with the square and two arrows on it.
    11. Select the mirror button *DON’T FORGET TO MIRROR!*

Cutting your design

    1. Set your blade depth to 1.5
    2. Set your cut speed & pressure to 1
      1. Every machine is different, so the settings needed on your machine may slightly vary from the ones we used!
    3. Place vinyl on the cutting mat, shiny side down!
    4. Do a test cut using one of the simple shapes built into the machine.
      1. Colored vinyl should peel off, leaving the clear backing intact with the rest of the sheet! It shouldn’t cut through the whole sheet.
    5. Take vinyl, place shiny side down.
    6. With your desired design selected, load mat into the machine. Cut.
    7. Unload mat, cut loosely around the edge of the design


    1. Cut a 5”x5” square out of your desired cotton fabric
    2. On an iron safe surface, iron on fusible backing
    3. Fold over the top of your pocket. Press with iron.
    4. Hoop your t-shirt with stabilizer.
    5. Thread your machine.
    6. Locate your desired pocket applique file, begin
      1. The next few steps may vary depending on your file set up!
    7. After the preliminary stitch, place the pocket fabric using the stitch as a guide
    8. Continue the applique process.
    9. Trim excess as closely to the stitch as possible.
    10. Start the final step, trim any more excess upon completion
    11. Unhoop, and trim away any excess stabilizer

Vinyl application

    1. Peel off excess vinyl, leaving your full design on the clear layer.
    2. Place.
    3. Using a presser cloth (we just used our excess pocket fabric), press on using an iron – and i mean really press it!
    4. Peel off clear backing, and you’re done!

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